Top 5 Must Haves – Mom Edition

Ok guys, today were talking about what moms need! The number one thing is a good diaper bag! I personally use the Kelty Super Cooler Backpack Diaper Bag with Rugged trim in black and white. Which retails for $50 from Babies R Us. It has a insulated pouch upfront and has plenty of room for everything you need. The second thing is a baby log to track temperature, medicine, along with how much and when they ate last. I personally use “Glow Baby Tracker” from the App Store. For the third thing we’re going to be talking about lavender! Lavender candles or wax melts are GREAT! They will help you and the baby sleep, just make sure to always place it out of the babies reach. I personally LOVE Country Scents Candles “Calming Lavender” scent. The next two items are pillows! A pregnancy pillow and a nursing pillow are a must have! I have a code for $40 off a nursing pillow and $50 off a pregnancy pillow of your choice! As always if you use my code it will benefit me as well as giving you a discount. The links and codes for everything will be down below!
Kelty Diaper Backpack:
Country Scents Candles:
Pregnancy Pillow Code: 28614D
Nursing Pillow Code: 28614D


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