What I Wish Someone Told Me While I Was Pregnant

When you first find out you’re pregnant you overflow with joy and happiness. Everyone will congratulate you and offer words of encouragement and some words of advice. But how do you know whats good advice and whats not so good advice as a first time mom? Thats where I come in, were gonna talk about the top four most important things i wish i knew while pregnant.

1.Second Hand is Best! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with buying your childs infant clothes, or anything really, off of facebook or from a consignment shop. You will find amazing deals and save money at the same time! Lets be real, who doesn’t love to save some money?

2.Take a break and don’t feel guilty for it! Life gets harder when you’re pregnant, its just the way it is. Chances are you’re doing the same things now as you were before you were pregnant. Sometimes you’re going to need a break to just sit down and relax and forget about the world. There is no reason to feel guilty that you don’t feel like going out with friends or just don’t want to clean the house today. Take your breaks and feel good about taking them.

3.Eat Everything! Yeah, you read that right! All i craved my entire pregnancy was boneless buffalo wings and sonic slushes. But of course I felt bad after eating junk food so i ate healthy food instead. At the end of the day when you deliver your child, you will still look like you just gave birth. You’re growing a baby, Just give in to the cravings and be happy.

4. Enjoy It! Enjoy being pregnant. I know that sounds absolutely crazy and you’re probably wondering what I’m on right now but seriously, ENJOY IT. You won’t always be able to feel your baby kick you from the inside. You won’t always be able to feel the hiccups they get. So just try to enjoy it while it lasts because time will fly by.

So in conclusion… Buy the second hand items, take breaks, eat everything you want & enjoy being pregnant!


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